Living Yoga Online
Things are different now. They just are. 

And although In Person Yoga Classes are great and the way to go, they are most definitely not the only way to go! Especially now Covid19 is here to stay. So too are Online classes. Here and here to stay.  Commiting to online classes means there is no disruption to your practice and growth. There is no back and forth, yes and no and not even sure!! There is no constant adjustments and wondering what is the right thing to do. Maybe staying at home is the right thing to do. 

Home is where the Heart is

Online classes allow you to practice at Home! Now, that might be an obvious statement, but Home is where the Heart is. Home is your foundation. Home is your own sanctuary. Home is where Yoga should be practice. This makes the living aspect of Yoga more easily integrated into daily life. Your family members see you doing Yoga too and can benefit them as well. And it also means there is less time and energy spent in getting to classes, which changes our carbon footprint and time management stresses.


There are many benefits to practicing yoga at home and online. Why not give it a try? 

Online and LIVE

These class are all LIVE classes. They are given on Zoom where I can see you, 'adjust' you and check on your progress. These classes are recorded and then made available for you to repeat the class or catch up at a time that suits your schedule. 

There are 2 classes per week that offer a nice balance of styles. The classes usually run in 6 week series with a theme for each one. These themes are based on living Yoga, rather than physical aliments or aspirations. Each 6 week series we focus on an emotional state or living aspect of Yoga, so we are going deepen than muscle deep with these classes. The series starts with a FREE meditation and contemplation session to set the tone and understanding. 

Check the details below for each class. 

Class Theme - .Coming soon

In these difficult times where life is asking us some pretty big questions, its time we really know what is making us tick, now we are through the porthole of change. So it is time to get clear on what you are passionate about NOW, now that you are the person you have become, the new person you have grown into. Establishing Passion is important but the real task at hand is the point that passion into the direction of your purpose. This gives us Hope and a sense of fulfilling our destiny. Then we need to integrate this into Peace. Into Peaceful living. These three qualities sit hand in hand together, giving us the stability and inspiration of a well balanced life and mind. 


Class Options

  • ALL IN Class Pass - This gets you 2 class each week for the full 6 weeks with access to the recordings for a further 6 weeks after. 

  • 6 Class Pass - This allows you to choice your favourite class and join us for that 6 week journey there. 

  • Individual Class Pass - Can't commit ? That's fine, life can be full at the best of times. You can simply buy a single class whenever you have the time. 

Flowasana Tuesdays  
8-9am AEDT 

This class is for those with some yoga experience and who want to play with and enjoy some more challenging postures in a slow flow style. The class is always taught in layers, (called kramas or levels)  that enable everyone to work at their own level and pace. 


The class often starts with a chant (Sanskrit prayer), pranayama (breathing practices), then moves onto the dynamic slow flow, which usually work towards a peak pose or 2. We then complete class with winding down into deep relaxation and mediation. 

If you have any injuries or conditions please let me know and I can weave modifications, contra-indications and little helpers to support you. 

Sample full class here

Chillasana Thursdays
6-7pm AEDT 

What better way to finish a day that to lay on the floor and stretch! Though we do a little more than just that, the focus here is relaxation, staying present and releasing tension. 


The class is floor based with longer held postures, similar to Yin Yoga. At least once during our 6 week series we will practice Restorative Yoga. This is deeply nourishing and healing for the Nervous system. This in turn calms the mind and improves the immune system and sleep.   


Yoga props are required for the class, things like blocks, bolster, straps, blanket and some cushions. If you don't have them you can find something you can use at home. 

Sample full class here

Refine Your Asana
Not being offered at the moment 

This class is perfect for someone with little or no experience with yoga. Or for those students wanting to refine their alignment and work on smoother transitions. We still work on some interesting postures, but break things down more and focus on comfortable and safe alignment. 

Both flow and longer holds are taught here so you can really explore what you are doing and how the postures should feel in your body. 

Basic Pranayana is taught in the class along with a small amount of meditation. 

Sample full class here