In Person Offerings

In Person Classes @ Expansion Yoga

Join me in person at the lovely Traralgon Studio. Join them with their membership and access many other great classes or simply 2 classes per week with me. Check details below. Or you can come casually. 

Saturday 10.30am  1 Hour Flow

Open to those who have some yoga experience or feel confident in their body's movement ability. Fluid, yummy slow flow that your strength and stretch you out. 


5.45pm 1 Hour Hatha

Wind your day down with this conscious body stretch and movement. Iron out all the ruffles of the day. 

7.10pm 1 Hour Restorative

With the pace of live and change that is happening there is nothing more healing and restoring then a restorative yoga class. 

No experience necessary, just come as you are. 

Saturday 12th Feb 10.30 - 1.30


Expansion Yoga Studio

Passion, Purpose & Peace: Immersion

Life is changing. You are changing with it. 

We are birthing a New Earth and in that process you are birthing a New You.

In this workshop we explore the new passions and interests arising within you. We investigate how they inform your decisions

and direct your actions, leading you to a new sense of purpose.

When we have our Passions directed into Purpose, this creates inner Peace. Regardless of what is happening all around us.

This workshop is a combination of journalling and contemplation, yogasana, dance, restorative yoga and meditation. All done

alongside an inspiring and beautiful soundtrack.

Life is evolving. You are evolving with it.

Discover who you are becoming.

Meditation Satsang 

At the moment we still aren't allowed In Person classes. 

So I am offering some free online meditation and contemplations. This one attached to the left is on Fear, as we are in the myst of so much of this. 

Starting Soon


I will be holding Satsang for about 45-60 minutes. This is simply to come together to 'sit', contemplate, explore and support ourselves and each other. 

These will be on Zoom and completely free. You can book in to received the link.