Treatments: Thai Yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda, Chakra, Marma
Thai Yoga Therapy

This a form of Thai massage and this beautiful therapy can be traced back 2,500 years from India and the spread of Buddhism. It particularly took roots in Thailand in the monasteries there. The founder was a celebrated yogi and doctor of Ayurveda, Chiwaka Komaraphat.

It is a combination of Yoga poses, martial arts moves, rhythmic movement, massage & meditation in a graceful dance with & around the body. It is infused with Metta, the Buddhist philosophy of loving Kindness. This acts like a tonic on the body, being applied through intention and received through the body similarly to Reiki.

A Thai Yoga Massage Therapy session uses passive stretching of joints & muscles, thumbing & palming of the Sen lines (energy lines) to increase flexibility, relief muscle & joint tension & balance the body’s energy systems. By doing this it also tones the muscles, improves circulation, boosts the immune system & leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed & fantastic!

This massage makes you feel comfortable again, in your body and with who you are. Magic!

This Is No Ordinary Massage.It Can Leave You Feeling Energised For Days. 

It is performed on the floor in loose comfortable clothing. All you need to do is....... go with the flow……

Done in my personal Home Healing Space in Moe, Victoria, Australia. 

Session available are 60 – 90 – 120 minutes

Exchange is              $70 - $90 - $110

Ayurveda Lifestyle Therapy 

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences so are a perfect combination to support each other in bringing about radiant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Ayurveda, alongside yoga philosophy and scriptures subscribe to us the perfect dose of particular practices and habits that promote our individual and unique constitution called Dosha. Vata, Pita and Kapha.


This is done through daily, seasonal and age specific practices by adjusting our diet, exercise, self care, sense care, breathing and meditation practices.


Ayurveda is over 5000 years old and is predominantly a preventative health care system which follows the rhythm of nature and the 5 elements to produce a lifestyle that is in sync and deeply nourishing for our individuality. 


In these sessions we uncover your unique dosha, assess your currents imbalances and give you healing sessions that help to bring these back into balance alongside home care practices so you can adjust your lifestyle for long term health and balance. 

Learning, even a little about Ayurveda, can be a real game changer in how you view yourself, your tendencies and the behaviours of others around you. As well as your relationship to food, your senses and nature. 

These sessions are a intuitive combination of yoga, massage, energy healing, meditation, contemplation and breathing practices, self care tips and dietary suggestions. 

Sessions are usually recommended for 90mins. 

Exchange is $100


Reiki is hands on healing. It channels the universal energy or Life Force (Prana) into the receiver’s body to enhance it’s own natural healing abilities. 

The energy of Reiki is subtle and is often experienced as deep relaxation and can leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised. It can relief discomfort, reduce swelling and redness, bring peace of mind, reduce anxiety and stress and help you to feel whole again.

It is a non evasive treatment that is perfect to help support healing of all sorts, whether emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. A great supporting therapy if undergoing other treatments or while going through any difficult periods or big changes in life.

Everybody experiences Reiki differently and each session aims to give you exactly what you need in that moment.

These sessions are performed on a table fully clothed and you can have

30 – 45 – 60 min sessions.

Exchange is $15 per every 15 minutes 

Chakra Healing

According to Yoga and Ayurveda there are seven main energy centres in the body that follow the line of the spine. These energy centres govern certain aspects of our physical body through being responsible for certain organs and endocrine glands, but also govern emotional and mental aspects of ourselves and personalities. When these centres are out of balance or are over or under functioning, this can cause problems both in our physical body and personal life.

This therapy is a combination of energy healing through Reiki, crystal work and a guided meditation. The meditation is something that you can take home and practice regularly to help keep your chakras balanced. Some activities may be given to you to do at home to continue the work of balancing a particular Chakra that might be more deeply out of balance.

The Chakra system once understood can be an excellent map for understanding where we need to work a little more in relationship to life. These sessions will leave you feeling open, stable and more comfortable within yourself. They also reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia, irritation and other difficult emotions.

These sessions are done on a table fully clothed.

Treatment usually take 60 mins (though sometimes longer). 

Exchange is $70 (+ $10 per every extra 15 mins)

Marma Massage

There are 107 Marma points in the body. These are like pressure points and in the Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions are consider sacred and vital points of the body. They act like subtle values that distribute the body’s energy throughout. They are similar to the Chinese Acupuncture points and can adjust the flow of energy or Prana (vital life-force) turning it up or down according to the body’s needs.

If there is tension, blockage or injury then the energy or Prana (Chi) can’t flow properly and this causes imbalance not just in the body but also in the mind and emotions. Correcting this flow creates greater comfort, vitality and clarity in the whole of our system and being.

This massage is performed on a table using a Marma stick and oils with clothes removed. Gentle pressure is applied to the Marma and a soft flow style massage to integrate the adjustment. The whole body is seen to and each Marma touched.

You will leave this massage deeply relaxed, open in body, mind and attitude. It helps remove toxins, improve lymph flow and balances the chemicals of our body. This massage is as ancient as it is powerful.

These are 60 minutes treatment.

Exchange is $75