About Me

Yoga has completely transformed who I am and the direction of my life. 

I know everyone saids this. And they say it because it's pretty much a guarantee. Practice Yoga consistently and it will change you too!


Before I began my Yoga journey, I lived a very carefree life. I was a spiritual seeker, looking in all the wrong places. As so many of us do!! I partied a lot and took drugs. I travelled a lot too, though I know there is nothing wrong with that, but it was like a hungry search for meaning as well.  I lived in the UK for some time got into the dance scene in the 90s/00s and did a lot of crazy shit. 

I thought I was having fun and living an exciting, full, fun life. I guess I just didn't know any better. This, of course came with all the highs and low you would expect from this sort of lifestyle. I regularly suffered from depression. I developed insomnia. I felt dissatisfied with every job I got. There was an empty void inside I just couldn't fill or quite put my finger on.

Then I started Yoga. 

From my very first class I knew there was something very special about this practice. Within the first month of starting I began my own personal practice. I quickly realised this was a practice I could use to help manage my mind, moods and emotions. 

That was in 2000. And I have never stopped since. The bouts of depressed began to slow down. They never returned once I started to meditate a few years later. My drug habits fell away and my drinking habit became conscious and discerning. 

After 7 years I had a big lifestyle change and was 'pushed' into teaching, like the hand of the divine giving me little choice in the matter. And with this too, I have never stopped. 

I love sharing the gifts and insights that Yoga, Meditation, Contemplation and Ayurveda (Yoga's sister science of health) can offer. I teach from an open Heart and draw upon my many struggles. I now have years of study and personal development under my belt and continue to develop in these areas. And I have worked to deeply embody these learnings. 

I walk my talk and teach from my own very real experiences and all too regular challenges. I am as fragile and as human as they came. It is through that vulnerability that I find my strength.  And it is from that place I offer my learnings to you. 


What I Teach

My style is a combination of the many styles I have tried and studied. I call what I do Contemporary Hatha Flow


This is a Slow Flow style integrated with warm ups through pulsations and flowing between 2 or 3 postures before coming to hold the postures for a while. 


I teach Restorative Yoga and, what I call Floor Restore, something akin to Yin Yoga. 


I believe in using the full range of possibilities that Asana (the physical aspect of Yoga) offers, as there is no one moment, let alone day, that is the same.


Everyday is different. Every time is different. Every moment is different. 


I want to empower every student that comes to me. In this I aim to help you understand how a pose feels, rather than what it should look like. I give many options and possibilities and ask you to fill in the blanks! 


Humour and Lightness is helpful in all of life's situations. I never take myself too seriously and ask you to do the same with yourself and for your practice. This way we ensure we are always enjoying ourselves and allow a more organic flow.

What we do off the mat is more important than on!

Yogasana has taken hold in the Western culture and hearts. And so it has on Social Media. Here you will find many amazing photos of mind bending.... well, bending. But the truth is, how well you perform asana (postures) is not that important. 

What I want to know is, what do you do once you roll your mat up? How do you treat yourself and other people? What are your levels of compassion, understanding, of insight? How much ease flows through your days and do you connect more easily with nature? How do you spend your time, your money. What choices do you make and how do you feel about them?

You can choice to do yoga just to touch your toes, get a cute arse or help your lower back pain. But that barely scratches the surface of what's possible and it's the deeper layers of Yoga that offer the gateway into a whole new understanding of yourself and your life. 

This is the protein on your plate. This is what sustains you. This is what makes you grow, that gives you strength. And this is what I want to share with you. The protein. 

That protein is spirituality. Something that is mostly missing in our Western culture and probably one of the reasons Yoga is so popular. A spiritual practice that is secular. It is this that connects us to each other, to nature and to the greater whole. 


And this connection will save us. As, we do actually need saving!  

I hope you can join me on this amazing journey that we share together. 

Namaste, Lucilla