A Thousand Mile Journey Is Begun With A Single Step…

With Lucilla 

Yoga can take us on a Journey far beyond our wildest expectations. Generally we come to Yoga because of a physical aliment or ambition. During our first yoga class we reawaken parts of our body we have totally disconnected from and begin to experience our body in a whole new way.

This is just the beginning of the Journey…

Yoga provides the springboard with which to experience a larger and more colourful life. It draws us to live up to our fullest potential, giving us the courage, wisdom and energy to follow our deepest heart desires. Yoga gives us a way to move mentally into stillness & experience ourselves as we truly are. Whole.

We Begin To Evolve, Grow And Flow…

It is through this process we begin to open, evolve & flow towards a more contented and fulfilling life. All that, through the simple step of taking a Yoga class. Whether it's In Person, Online or from a Book. Yoga transforms.

And this transformation is needed NOW more than ever before.  

More than Just Our Booty! 

Asana is the physical practice that is commonly called yoga. However, Yoga (note the Y not y!) is a vast ocean of wisdom, philosophy and living practices that connect us closer to spirit and naturally align us to our highest Self, potential and good. Learning more than just movement from what this incredible knowledge tradition has to offer is where that real transformation happens. Weave this alongside Meditation and Ayurveda - the art of healthy living - we can have a more aligned life.

One that brings us great Joy, Peace and Vitality. One that spiritually connects us to the greater whole, developing our threshold for compassion, patience, acceptance and tolerance.   Of ourselves and others. 

Join the Revolution.

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